Pre-purchase Inspection

Are you interested in buying a particular home?  You have placed an offer to purchase, conditional on inspection of the property.  An Inspection is necessary to identify any defects with the property.  Once the inspection is complete, you will have the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision to purchase. Any defects identified during the inspection can be repaired either by the seller, the buyer (yourself) upon taking possession of the home, or may result in re-negotiating the terms of your offer to purchase.

Mold Inspections & Indoor Air Quality Testing

Mold Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing is conducted when our clients have a concern or suspicion of mold in the home.  Sometimes possible mold is discovered during a standard home inspection. Mold inspections entail a thorough examination of the property's interior and exterior to identify entry points for moisture intrusion into the home.  If we determine or suspect that there is a moisture problem in the home, mold testing & indoor air quality testing can be conducted to collect air, swab or solid samples for laboratory testing and analysis.  Samples are analyzed for the presence of mold and the particular species to determine whether or not the mold may be toxic. 

air quality

Pre-sale Inspection

Are you planning on selling your current home?  You may want to know about any problems with the home that may have an impact on the selling price.  You may choose to make repairs prior to listing your home for sale or to keep your knowledge in your back pocket while reviewing the buyer's offer to purchase.  This is a precautionary step to avoid last minute surprises with amendments to purchase offers by the buyer.

New Home Inspection

As a provincially  licensed building official, we can perform an inspection on your new home construction following the National Building Code (NBC) if an AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) is not present for your municipality.

Asbestos and Lead Testing​

Samples can be promptly analyzed at a laboratory to determine the makeup of the samples taken.  Samples may be acquired as air samples, solid samples or swab testing.

Clients will be provided with full details of all lab results.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

As part of any inspection, an infrared camera is used to assist to identify possible problems not seen with the naked eye.  Through temperature differences, the camera captures images that the home inspector then analyzes to determine possible problems.  These could be, missing insulation, loose electrical connections, toilet leaks or other moisture intrusion problems.  

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